Discovery is a unique part of Solo/Discovery.  Discovery is a kind of experience-an opportunity for self-discovery, communicating, sharing, and socializing in a low-risk setting.

Discovery meetings are open to all unmarried and separated individuals who are at least twenty-one years old upon paying the required admission fee. Members enjoy a reduced admission.

Discovery meetings begin with announcements to the whole group and continue with discussions in a small group (10-15) . The small group discussions are on a selected topic and are led by a trained group discussions facilitator. Discussion topics, announced in The Soloist, a monthly newsletter, are chosen to support singles' needs and interests, and focus on personal experience.

Discovery meetings give participants the opportunity, through sharing and discussion, to gain new insight into self and others. The discussions last for one hour, after which the small groups merge to join the 'social, which lasts for one and one-half hours.' New friends continue their discussions, expanding their circle of acquaintances by talking, dancing, and enjoying refreshments.

Discovery meetings for this month are listed in the calendar of events.