Sole Survivors

                                           by Wesley (More poems)

Granddad seemed so strong
because he was.
I never longed for distant days
when I could take his role.
Dad too-made me-made all of us-
feel safe and so secure.
Ever present-calm-yet in control.
Young boys, at times, yearn for the day
when they can be in charge.
Some boys-like me-perceive our state-
and know the shoes are large
which Dad and Granddad wore.

Eventually the time does come
when boys like me reluctantly
find shoes of them who led us then-
now on our feet.
They never are made in our size-
for most-they are too large-too wide.
"Don't worry", those around us say.
"your foot will grow to fit one day."
But seldom does it happen so
and over time I came to know-
one size fits all.

I often wonder when alone
how they must rate the job I've done-
Granddad and Dad are truly two
who know how I now feel-
responsibility can be unreal.
For not too many years ago
they stood, too, in those shoes with woe-
wondering how they'd fit into
my great granddad's
and great-great granddad's