A Novel Experience

                                                         by Wesley (More poems)

Just when you think youíre special
something happens to remind you
that you are but a means -
not a way,
an agent -
not a path,
to move another
to a new plane in their life.

I knew from the day I met you
just how this story would end.
Not because I read you like a book -
but more because
Iíd read the book before.
Been there - done that -
is more than a metaphor
to me.

No blame is cast on you.
You thought yourself
that our sure way
could be your way -

You grew -
but never outgrew me.
You changed -
but for the better.
You soared -
but never out of reach.
You landed -
but set down in another place.
Settled in anotherís space.

There may have been
a chapter or two -
left in our story
which I never got to.
Yet for me -
the whole affair was a page
from an overdone series
of my life.
I chose to close the book,
as though I had a choice,
and conjure up my own ending -
saving face -
pretending that our story -
good though it was -
had no sequel.