Lost and Found

                                                         by Wesley (More poems)

Sometimes you have to go out of you way
before youíre able to find your way
to the place you know you eventually
want to be.

Iím not sure I know just where
I want to be.
Kind of walking around aimlessly -
most of the time.
Some would say I look as if Iím lost.
Theyíre probably right.
From what - Iím not real certain.
But then again - lost would imply
I know where I am headed,
and I havenít a clue.

Iím fine with where I am
and if I never take another step -
that will be fine too.
Where I was
before I found myself here
was fine back then -
back then - but not for now.

I have a feeling that Iím not yet
wherever there is,
but Iíll know when I get there.
I keep moving -
just in case there is a wherever -
for Iíll not get to where there is
by standing here.

You seem to know where you are headed.
but youíre not there -
yet youíre not lost.
I donít know where I am headed
and Iím not there-
yet I look lost.
Perhaps Iíll find my where -
and find my where is there -
where you are headed.
But for now - I gotta go.
See you there.