The Solo part of Solo/Discovery are our events. These are a broad range of social activities sponsored by individual members and announced on the monthly Events Calendar which is posted on the Web and in the monthly newsletter, The Soloist. The Solo events for this month are shown in the current calendar. These events are typically attended by from four to ten people and include a variety of activities, e.g. dining out, movies, bowling, games nights. Click on Current to see this week's events, Past will lead you to our archive of past events or you can click on the individual month.

To host your event you can click on "Have an Event" which will help you enter all that is required to post the event in our newsletter. You need to have your name and email so we will be able to get back to you if there is any questions. You can leave out any of the other entry's that you feel is not appropriate to your event and explain in the message box. If you feel like you do not need the form help, you can submit the event directly to our newsletter editor for publication in the next newsletter. You can also suggest an event at our meetings while we are going over that months calendar. Be sure to give the date and location of the event. You may need to also give directions and a RSVP date if required